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System Overview

The purpose is to have a basic fundamental quality system that is focused on improvement in all aspects of our business. This uniquely Din-Tek system is one that is value-added for our internal operations and external customers and builds on our already strong ISO and TS systems. We have also adopted the Baldrige performance excellence criteria as the basis for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

"We will exceed Customer Expectations with our Superior Products and Services." 

Our new Quality Policy gives the responsibility to achieve quality, both in services and products, to each and everyone one of us. ALL of us, every business leader, sales person, project manager, operator, engineer, EVERY ON employee, is personally responsible for the Quality of those products and services that we individually and collectively supply to our Customers.


"Every Din-Tek employee is personally responsible for ensuring the highest Quality in the products and services delivered to internal and external customers. Continuous improvement in the Quality of our processes, products and service is fundamental to the achievement of customer satisfaction."

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